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Hypnos Mattress Information

Hypnos Mattress Information

Hypnos mattresses are the among the very best in the World. There are several key aspects to the superb support and luxurious comfort a Hypnos mattress offers, and you can see details of these points listed below.

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Hypnos ReActive Spring Unit

Hypnos ReActive Spring Unit

  • Offers perfect support, perfect comfort. No compromise.
  • Heat treated at up to 8 specific points.
  • This treatment means an increase in pressure = an increase in the support the spring offers.
  • Pocket Sprung.
  • Taller than an average spring.
  • Wider than an average spring, meaning less in a mattress.
  • Very durable.
  • Can be created as a Soft, Regular, Firm or Extra Firm (depending on the mattress). This is achieved by increasing or reducing the gauge of the spring (thickness of the wire).
Hypnos UltraSens Spring Unit

Hypnos UltraSens Spring Unit

  • A step up from the ReActive Spring.
  • Up to 17 specific pressure thresholds.
  • Reserved for the top of the range mattresses.
  • Base and Top of the spring are slightly softer.
  • This allows for a more luxurious feel.
  • Will shrink less over time, than a standard spring.
  • Pocket Sprung.
  • Can be Zoned for additional, precise support.
Hypnos Mattress Fillings

Hypnos Mattress Fillings

  • Natural wherever possible.
  • British Lambs Wool in all.
  • Designed to last, and guaranteed for 10 Years.
  • Always bound by Tufting.
  • Top of the range include Silk, Cashmere, Hand Teased Hair and Alpaca among others.
  • Most mattresses require turning or rotating.
  • This helps with maintaining the mattresses form and shape.
  • Amount of fillings increase as you go up the range.
  • Latex used in two Hypnos mattresses.
Hypnos Mattress Cover Material

Hypnos Mattress Cover Material

  • Luxurious Damask material.
  • Belgian Damask, for top quality.
  • Often Bamboo infused to aid heat and moisture control.
  • Some models have Silver and Silk in the cover, too.
  • Subtle patterns wont show through bed linen.
  • Hypo-allergenic.
  • Very soft and very tactile.
  • Extremely durable, Guaranteed for a decade.
  • No colour or material choice for each model.