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  • Why Do We Dream? Part I

    Dreams can be captivating or disconcerting or can simply defy the laws of all the accepted truths that we’ve learnt throughout our lives. Every one of us dreams – even if we don’t remember the details in the morni... Read more »

  • Struggling to Sleep Tonight? Ways to Help You Function Tomorrow...

    Some nights you need to sleep more than ever and you just can't shake those nagging worries. Check out our guide to functioning after a poor nights sleep. Sound familiar? Read more »

  • “How Many Hours of Sleep Do I Need?”

    Common belief would lead you to believe that everyone needs between seven and nine hours of sleep every night to feel at their best in the morning. For most of us, that theory rings true, but unfortunately, there are no set answers to this conundrum. For example, Winston Churchill took two-hour naps every day which meant that he could work long into the night and famous inventor Nikola Tesla was reported to never sleep for more than two hours per day. Whilst these sleeping patterns wouldn’t work for most of us and in fact, the latter may severely impair us, it just goes to show that some are able to function with less and some can only function with more than the average amount of sleep. Read more »

  • How We Sleep

    How we sleep isn’t as obvious as it may at first seem. It’s easy to imagine that everyone sleeps like we do. We probably picture ourselves lying under the bedclothes on a mattress, turning off the bedside lamp and aiming for 7 – 8 hours of slumber during the night hours. However, there are a number of influences at play which could, if different, alter almost every aspect of this image. Continue reading Read more »

  • Artists & Sleep

    Sleep and art go hand in hand through history. A plethora of works on the topic of slumber spans each époque as artists, fascinated with some aspect of sleep, have sought to depict their vision of this everyday human state. From Botticelli to van Gogh, Giorgione to Goya, the viewer has been privy to a secret world, a world normally visited alone; privileged to be invited to explore the artist’s interpretation of the hidden depths of his sleeping brain, where he may be unconsciously exposing his innermost thoughts and urges, normally kept behind the dark curtain of consciousness. Continue reading Read more »

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