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Fast and efficient service

Very happy with their service and their competitive pricing. The ordering process on the site was easy to use and the communication about delivery date and time was excellent.
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A rare gem

You never know how good a company is until something goes wrong. In my case the issue was with the manufacturer not My Next Mattress. Throughout the period of my complaint this company have been 100% supportive, communication rapid and have lived up to their promise. In this world of commerce I feel I have had personal service of the highest quality. Our initial contact was also excellent and our mattress was delivered quickly and efficiently. Wouldn't go anywhere else from now on.
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Customer focused

Customer focused, competitive, helpful and very efficient. Only issue I had was MNM omitted to include the agreed return of my old bed on the delivery documents, probably an oversight but caused me some inconvenience hence 4 stars.
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Excellent Online Shopping

Excellent shopping experience with good communication & a personal phone call the day before delivery. Pleasant & helpful all the way including the delivery staff.
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Very pleased with contact before and on …Hypnos mattress

Very pleased with contact before and on delivery to time etc and with Hypnos mattress
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Excellent service

Excellent service. Arrived exactly in time and pleasant to deal with
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Great company

This is the second time we have used the company and they are great. Very good prices coupled with highly positive customer service. Delivery worked really well. Would recommend them to anyone.

Sleep Habits You Should Master While Travelling

Whether you’re looking to travel Europe for a month to experience different cultures, learn new languages, or simply to soak up some of the sun for a week or two, travelling can leave you feeling exhausted and far from energised.

We understand that sleep habits aren’t always a quick and simple fix, but by adopting a few and making sure to stick to them on your travels, it’s better for your internal body clock, mental and physical health.

Your sleep habits start way before you end up hopping on a plane. Just like a lot of things, our bodies need to be well rested and nourished in order to function properly. This means that if you have an early morning flight, be considerate of your well being and don’t assume you’ll sleep on the plane! Instead, be smart about your sleep schedule and go to sleep earlier the previous night. Its important to travel healthy before, during and after your journey.

As for last minute travel panic, you can easily avoid this by being organised. This means pack the night before or a few days before your departure, unless you want to start throwing clothes around in full panic mode an hour before your flight is scheduled to leave.

Items to Pack

Whenever we travel, it’s always nice to ‘feel at home’ and have our own comfort items that make it a little easier and don’t make us feel homesick. This could be a favourite pillow, noise cancelling headphones, smartphone, a laptop and plenty more.

Here’s the trick when it comes to packing your belongings – pack comfort items that will enhance your sleep. Being attached to your smartphone when you’re supposed to be sleeping doesn’t make you fall asleep; it has the opposite effect. If you were to use something that you found familiar and made you feel at home, let’s go with your bedding, or a pillow that makes you head feel like bliss, it then becomes easier for you to settle down.

Here are some common things people travel with to help with their sleep;

• Preferred pillow / bedding
• Eye mask and earplugs
• Ipod / Mp3 for sleep playlists
• Camomile tea
• Neck pillow for travelling

items to pack for travelling

Crossing Time Zones

We’ve already provided a few top tips on how to combat jet lag, but evidently this is something that affects people differently. To give you a quick recap on how to not let jet lag consume you during your trip;

• Try to stick to your home time zone
• Get as much sunlight as possible if you’re trying to stay awake
• Avoid caffeinated drinks
• Take breaks and pit stops

crossing time zones

Appreciate Nap Time

Naps are a blessing for many of us who need to take a small amount of time to recharge. Sometimes it is inevitable that you’ll nod off at various intervals, whether it’s on the airplane, train or bus. Take a nap for no longer than 2 hours, if you sleep longer it will further cause chaos to your existing jetlag. Power naps are extremely helpful as they last between 10 to 30 minutes, however you can also develop sleep inertia if you’re not too careful, and this is an unpleasant, groggy feeling that can’t be shaken off lightly.

nap time

Bright Mornings and Dark Evenings

Light and darkness is associated with alertness and when your body is ready to sleep. At night especially, it’s highly recommended that you step away from any technology such as phones, TV’s, tablets and game consoles. The light emissions fool the body to make it think it’s not ready for the rest it requires. It’s important to take actions to reset your body’s clock, and this can be achieved naturally or through advised medications.

Wake up with bright mornings and get some rest in the dark evenings to let your body know that this is the adjustment.