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Sleep Wellness: How Your Sleeping Position Could Be Affecting Your Health

How much do you think about the way you lay in bed when you hit the hay? Probably not a lot; most of us will get into bed, stick ourselves in the position we find most comfortable and shut our eyes until morning. But the position you sleep in should be more than just comfy – it should be supportive.

Check out our run-down of some of the most popular sleeping positions, and which is best to help with everything from digestion and snoring to posture and circulation.

1. On Your Back


Strictly speaking, experts pin this position down as being the most supportive – and the fewer pillows the better! Even though being on your back supports your spine and shoulders, too many pillows can put strain on your neck. Be aware though that if you’re a sufferer of snoring then this could well make it worse!

2. On Your Side


Sleeping on your side is also a reasonable position to sleep in, providing that you’re aware of your posture and don’t revert to curling up too much! It’s a great position to sleep in for pregnant women, and in general is good for improving circulation as well stomach problems. Make sure that your head gets proper support and you avoid straining your shoulders.

3. Foetal Position


It naturally feels one of the most comfortable ways to lie down so it’s easy to revert to when you’re tired and looking forward to curling up in bed – literally! We all do it at some point, and it’s a pretty good position for snorers, but it’s really not a good one for your shoulders or if you suffer with back/posture problems.

4. ‘Freefall’ Position


It pretty much looks like how we all crash out on the bed at the end of the day – but how many of us actually sleep like this? According to research quite a lot of us! It doesn’t support your back or neck and some people may not get a good quality of sleep, but it’s good for digestion, and it avoids causing discomfort on any stress positions.

The Winner!

Statistically, laying flat on your back without too many pillows supports your spine and ensures your neck is kept at a comfortable angle is the best choice. However, if you're suffering with things like snoring or stomach problems, there are different positions that will help your quality of sleep more effectively.

Which position do you prefer? Do you get a good night's sleep, or do you sacrifice initial comfort for quality? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook or Twitter.
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