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Fast and efficient service

Very happy with their service and their competitive pricing. The ordering process on the site was easy to use and the communication about delivery date and time was excellent.
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A rare gem

You never know how good a company is until something goes wrong. In my case the issue was with the manufacturer not My Next Mattress. Throughout the period of my complaint this company have been 100% supportive, communication rapid and have lived up to their promise. In this world of commerce I feel I have had personal service of the highest quality. Our initial contact was also excellent and our mattress was delivered quickly and efficiently. Wouldn't go anywhere else from now on.
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Customer focused

Customer focused, competitive, helpful and very efficient. Only issue I had was MNM omitted to include the agreed return of my old bed on the delivery documents, probably an oversight but caused me some inconvenience hence 4 stars.
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Excellent Online Shopping

Excellent shopping experience with good communication & a personal phone call the day before delivery. Pleasant & helpful all the way including the delivery staff.
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Very pleased with contact before and on …Hypnos mattress

Very pleased with contact before and on delivery to time etc and with Hypnos mattress
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Excellent service

Excellent service. Arrived exactly in time and pleasant to deal with
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Great company

This is the second time we have used the company and they are great. Very good prices coupled with highly positive customer service. Delivery worked really well. Would recommend them to anyone.

The Best Sleep Apps of 2019

We understand how difficult getting a good night’s sleep can be, which is why we’ve made it our personal mission throughout many of our blog articles to provide you with handy and useful tips to enhance your sleeping habits and your overall lifestyle.

When it comes to sleep, there’s no doubt that we have our personal preferences and activities that we like to do in order to help us drift off, whether that be a sleep playlist, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy or even reading which are all popular choices. With ever growing technology and digital trends, it also brings about incredible and intelligent apps that we can use for everyday use. You can monitor your sleep, set reminders, schedules and much more.

We use apps in our day to day lives to keep up with social media, see how many steps we’ve reached at the end of the working day, so why not track and monitor your sleep to get the most out of it? According to the National Institutes of Health, the average adult sleeps less than 7 hours each night. For a healthy adult, we need to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night in order to function properly the next day.

We’ve researched some of the best sleep apps of 2019 and tried and tested them ourselves! Here are the top 3 that we encourage you to try out improve your sleep.

1.Sleep Score

Sleep score is a sleep monitoring app that strives for you to be a better you, and a better night’s sleep. It has many free features which provide actionable advice and tips. The detailed analysis compromises of sleep duration, time to fall asleep, light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep and wake time. It uses your smartphone microphone and speakers to track and measure your breathing and body movement. You don’t need any headphones or earphones, which makes the process a whole lot easier. The app essentially bounces soundless sound waves off your body while you get your much needed beauty sleep. And if you’re having trouble drifting off, there’s sounds you can listen to in order to calm your way to a better sleep.

It is an advanced app that offers a lot more than many other sleep and tracking apps out there in the market today. The free version is exceptional for the data analysis and insights it gives you, but you do have to pay for recommendations on how to sleep better.

sleep score app details

Here’s What You Do
• Go on to the app and set your alarm
• Use the good night assistant to wind down and use the checklist
• Keep your phone on charge throughout the night
• Keep phone facing up
• Align your phone height to your chest and place your phone about an arm’s length away
• Ensure nothing is obstructing the phones speakers

For Android
For iPhone

2.Relax Melodies

This app is designed for those who like relaxing sounds and meditation. It allows you to combine sounds and melodies with guided meditation. This essentially helps you unwind and therefore ease you into a better sleep. There are a vast majority of sounds in which you can create, so you won’t have to listen to the same melody repeatedly each night. Many users refer to it as the GPS that directs you how to fall asleep! You can even set your own personal goals and if you’re looking for ways in which to reduce stress and anxiety, your own soundtrack awaits you. Check out the video below for a brief introduction to the app.

For Android
For iPhone


Pzizz is for those who love a good power nap! Honestly, power naps can do us the world of good, especially when we just need to close our eyes for a few minutes (or thirty) to recharge and get us going again. This app is a power nap system that sends you to sleep at the push of a button. Sometimes we can wake up from naps feeling worse than we did before we fell asleep, and ultimately that’s what ruins our mood. Pzizz helps you fall asleep fast, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.

The app explores the science of psychoacoustics, which in simple terms means it explores sound perception and it’s physiological effects. Because of this, the creators of the app have been able to develop sound sequences and dynamic dreamscapes that are made for each portion of the sleep cycle. There is a 7 day sleep challenge you can experience before upgrading to the premium version. The premium version gives you the opportunity to unlock their ultimate sleep experience.

pzizz app

For Android
For iPhone

Feel free to try one, or all 3 to enhance your sleep! These apps are quite effective and should be used on a regular basis if you’re wanting to see improvements in your sleep habits and overall sleep schedule.