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Understanding the Science Behind Hypnos Beds

Hypnos have been manufacturing beds for over a century. In addition to supplying beds to the Royal family, they have gained a worldwide reputation for innovation. Hypnos mattresses make use of some rather clever spring technology which makes them particularly comfortable and hard-wearing. The research and development involved in Hypnos beds is fascinating. With growing interest in sleep science, it’s worth understanding the firm's approach.


New Spring Technology


The new Hypnos spring has been specially designed to serve the dual function of providing both comfort and support. Hypnos UltraSens and ReActive spring units contain springs which are longer and wider than those used in standard mattress manufacturing. This means that while there are fewer in the mattress, they work twice as hard.

In the pocket-sprung Hypnos ReActive mattress, the increased support is achieved by heat treatment which increases the pressure under which the springs operate. To adjust the firmness of the mattress, Hypnos changes the gauge of the spring so that they can offer models which range from soft to extra firm.

The still more advanced UltraSens mattress takes this spring technology one step further. Having identified seventeen specific pressure thresholds, the springs used in the UltraSens have a softer top and bottom which Hypnos say gives this mattress model a more luxurious feel. Because Hypnos beds are custom-made, these higher end mattresses can also be zoned for additional support.

Over time, some mattresses lose their shape and no longer offer the level of comfort and support they provided when first purchased. Because of their unique spring system, this is not an issue with a Hypnos mattress.


Solid and Reliable


While the spring technology is new and advanced, there are more traditional elements to a Hypnos mattress. The fillings Hypnos use for their mattresses vary, but all contain lambs’ wool, which is well known for its softness and quality. For those concerned about the environmental impact of their buying choices, Hypnos use natural materials to fill their mattresses wherever possible, including cashmere and alpaca wool.

In addition to being hypo-allergenic, Hypnos mattresses are often infused with bamboo to aid heat and moisture control. This is particularly important as it means the springs and filling materials are better protected and thus last longer.

With more people taking an interest in sleep science and how technology can deliver a better night’s sleep, there’s much to be learnt from the techniques used in the manufacture of Hypnos beds.

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