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Fast and efficient service

Very happy with their service and their competitive pricing. The ordering process on the site was easy to use and the communication about delivery date and time was excellent.
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A rare gem

You never know how good a company is until something goes wrong. In my case the issue was with the manufacturer not My Next Mattress. Throughout the period of my complaint this company have been 100% supportive, communication rapid and have lived up to their promise. In this world of commerce I feel I have had personal service of the highest quality. Our initial contact was also excellent and our mattress was delivered quickly and efficiently. Wouldn't go anywhere else from now on.
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Customer focused

Customer focused, competitive, helpful and very efficient. Only issue I had was MNM omitted to include the agreed return of my old bed on the delivery documents, probably an oversight but caused me some inconvenience hence 4 stars.
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Excellent Online Shopping

Excellent shopping experience with good communication & a personal phone call the day before delivery. Pleasant & helpful all the way including the delivery staff.
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Very pleased with contact before and on …Hypnos mattress

Very pleased with contact before and on delivery to time etc and with Hypnos mattress
Verified order

Excellent service

Excellent service. Arrived exactly in time and pleasant to deal with
Verified order

Great company

This is the second time we have used the company and they are great. Very good prices coupled with highly positive customer service. Delivery worked really well. Would recommend them to anyone.

Upgrade Your Sleep with A New Mattress

There’s nothing quite like sinking into a comfortable, cosy bed at the end of the day to get some much needed, quality rest.

We quickly find out how much we need sleep to function normally, when we suffer a night which is full of tossing, turning, frustrations and anger. We simply cannot survive without sleep, and there are many factors that of course, contribute to how well we do sleep.

If we go back to 1894, a Russian scientist found that when he kept puppies in constant activity and no sleep whatsoever, they unfortunately died after a couple of days. Similar affects have been studied with humans as we see a decrease in mental functioning, awareness, concentration and immense tiredness. In our previous article we took a good look at sleep deprivation and memory loss to decipher whether the two were linked.

We are big fans of getting a good night’s sleep, all day, every day! One of the most common reasons people experience lack of sleep, is due to the mattress they have invested in. It’s never too early, or too late to upgrade your sleep and this can be done in many ways – your mattress is just the starting point.

Common Mattress FAQs

When should I change my mattress?
You should change your mattress every 7 years. Because we use them very often, we are unaware of the wear and tear and it often goes unnoticed. The Sleep Council have also stated that after 7 years, your mattress will have endured over 200,000 hours of wear and tear, fluid loss and dead skin cells which have accumulated.

What size is the right one for me?
Depending on your height and how much space you like when you sleep, see our size guide.

What is the best mattress material?
This also depends on your own comfort levels, what kind of sleeper you are and your specific requirements. Our mattress guide can help you choose which mattress material is best for you.

Do all mattresses need turning?
The majority of mattress do need to be turned regularly to evenly distribute the wear and tear. However, there are some mattresses that only require rotating. These instructions are available when you’re viewing or buying a mattress.

What are the different types of mattresses?
There are 6 different types of mattresses, all of which are suitable for different types of people – pocket sprung, latex, memory foam, open coil, fibre fillings and gel mattresses.

new mattress upgrade

How to Tell If You Need a New Mattress?

Mattresses don’t always have the most obvious signs that tell you it’s time for a new mattress. So, here are few signs to look out for.
• Sleeping has all of a sudden become more painful
• You find yourself regularly tossing and turning
• There are indentations in the mattress

Benefits of a New Mattress

A brand new mattress not only carries a heavenly comfort which is going to give you the luxurious sleep you need, but it has various health benefits too.

Improves your body – Because we spend a lot of hours in bed, it’s no surprise that our mattress moulds our shape and gets used to it. This however can cause us pain throughout the body if the mattress is badly worn and isn’t giving us the support, we need during our rest time. Upgrading to a brand new mattress breathes new life into your bed, and into your body.

Allergen relief – As we mentioned earlier, over the years our mattress collects dust, dirt, dead skin cells and other gross items we do not need to list. These essentially cause allergens and can make us very ill. When you replace your mattress however, you are free from dead skin cells, dust and dirt! You can enjoy a symptom free sleep!

And of course, it can significantly improve your sleep.

If you think it’s time to upgrade your sleep with a new mattress, we stock a large range of mattresses from the biggest brands across the world, including Hypnos, Dormeo, Sealy and plenty more. Alternatively, you can visit out mattress guide to help you on your journey.