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Bed and Mattress Size Guide 2024

Author: Andrew Clarke

Last updated: 19/03/2024

Choosing the right bed and mattress size is crucial for ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep. With various sizes available, it’s essential to understand the dimensions and suitability of each option. In this guide, we’ll explore the standard bed and mattress sizes in the UK.

Standard bed mattress sizes (UK)

Small Single

Ideal For Children

Feet & Inches 2’6” X 6’ 3”
Centimeters 75cm X 190cm
Meters 0.75m X 1.9m


Ideal For One Person

Feet & Inches 3’ x 6’3’’
Centimeters 90cm X 190cm
Meters 0.9m X 1.9m

Small Double (Queen)

Ideal For Couples & Singles

Feet & Inches 4’x 6’3’’
Centimeters 120cm X 190cm
Meters 1.2m X 1.9m


The Most Popular Size

Feet & Inches 4’6’’x6’3’’
Centimeters 135cm X 190cm
Meters 1.35m X 1.9m

King Size

Ideal For Couples

Feet & Inches 5'x6'6''
Centimeters 150cm X 200cm
Meters 1.5m X 2m

Euro King Size

Our Most Popular Ikea Size

Feet & Inches 5'x6'6''
Centimeters 160cm X 200cm
Meters 1.6m X 2m

Super King Size

The Most Popular ‘Large’ Size

Feet & Inches 6'x6'6''
Centimeters 180cm X 200cm
Meters 1.8m X 2m


For 200 x 200 Bed Size

Feet & Inches 6’6’’x6’6’’
Centimeters 200cm X 200cm
Meters 2m X 2m

What size is a Small Single bed mattress?

Dimensions in cm:

75cm x 190cm

Dimensions in inches:

2'6'' x 6'3''

Best for:

Children’s rooms, guest rooms, or small spaces

The Small Single bed mattress is perfectly compact, making it an excellent choice for children moving from a cot to a bed, as well as for guest rooms with limited space. Despite its small size, it provides decent comfort for a single sleeper, ensuring a restful night's sleep. Its compact dimensions also make it easier to manoeuvre and move in tight spaces, simplifying the process of arranging furniture or transporting the mattress into a room.

What size is a Single bed mattress?

Dimensions in cm:

90cm x 190cm

Dimensions in inches:

3'0'' x 6'3''

Best for:

Children, teenagers, or adults with limited space

The Single bed mattress offers a cosy sleeping area tailored for one individual, making it an ideal choice for children's bedrooms, guest rooms, or smaller living spaces. It allows for versatile placement within various room configurations, ensuring efficient utilization of space without compromising on comfort. The Single mattress provides adequate support and comfort for a restful night's sleep, be it accommodating a growing child, hosting overnight guests, or optimizing space in a cosy bedroom.

What size is a Small Double (Queen) bed mattress?

Dimensions in cm:

120cm x 190cm

Dimensions in inches:

4'0'' x 6'3''

Best for:

Solo sleepers who prefer extra space or couples with limited space

The Small Double bed mattress, often referred to as a Queen size in the UK, presents a wider sleeping surface compared to a Single mattress, catering to solo sleepers seeking extra room to stretch comfortably or couples desiring close proximity without compromising on space. This versatile option is favoured for guest rooms or compact master bedrooms where maximizing space is crucial. Its ample width offers a balance between individual comfort and shared sleeping arrangements, making it a practical choice for various sleeping preferences and room types.

What size is a Double bed mattress?

Dimensions in cm:

135cm x 190cm

Dimensions in inches:

4'6'' x 6'3''

Best for:

Single sleepers who prefer lots of space or couples with average size bedrooms

The Double bed mattress is a versatile choice, catering to couples seeking ample space for movement during sleep or single sleepers who prefer to spread out comfortably. Its balanced measurements provide a cosy sleeping area without overwhelming the bedroom space, making it a favoured option for various households. Being the most common mattress size in the UK, the double mattress offers the perfect blend of comfort and space efficiency, ensuring a restful night's sleep without compromising on room layout.

What size is a King Size bed mattress?

Dimensions in cm:

150cm x 200cm

Dimensions in inches:

5'0'' x 6'6''

Best for:

Couples or individuals who prefer ample space for sleep

The King Size bed mattress offers expansive sleeping quarters, catering to couples seeking ample space to stretch out comfortably. Being longer than usual (200cm), it also appeals to individuals with a height over 190cm. Whether accommodating couples or solo sleepers, the King Size mattress provides the perfect combination of comfort and functionality, allowing for unrestricted movement and restful sleep.

What size is a Euro King Size bed mattress?

Dimensions in cm:

160cm x 200cm

Dimensions in inches:

5'3" x 6'6''

Best for:

Couples with big bedrooms or those with European bedframes

The Euro King Size bed mattress boasts a wider sleeping surface compared to a standard King Size, measuring 160cm versus 150cm. This provides couples or individuals with the luxury of a spacious bed, equivalent in width to approximately two small single beds placed side by side. The Euro King Size mattress ensures a lavish sleep experience, where comfort and spaciousness are key components of a restful night's sleep. It's an excellent option for those with ample space in their bedroom.

What size is a Super King Size bed mattress?

Dimensions in cm:

180cm x 200cm

Dimensions in inches:

6'0'' x 6'6''

Best for:

Couples who desire maximum sleeping space and comfort

The spacious dimensions of the Super King Size bed mattress provide couples with ample space for comfortable sleep, ensuring a lavish and rejuvenating bedtime where they can unwind and stretch without feeling cramped. With its generous dimensions, the Super King Size mattress guarantees a tranquil and revitalising sleep experience, ensuring couples wake up feeling refreshed.

What size is an Emperor bed mattress?

Dimensions in cm:

200cm x 200cm

Dimensions in inches:

6'6" x 6'6''

Best for:

Couples who prefer a luxurious sleep experience

The Emperor bed mattress stands out as the epitome of luxury and comfort, providing couples with abundant space for undisturbed sleep. As the largest among all common sizes, the Emperor mattress delivers unparalleled comfort and space, making it a sought-after choice for those who prioritize a peaceful and indulgent sleep environment. Emperor mattresses are mostly suitable for large apartments and houses with grand bedrooms.

bed sizes ukbed sizes uk

Less common mattress sizes

European Single Mattress

Also called a “twin mattress”, it is slightly longer than a standard UK single mattress - 90cm x 200cm instead of 90cm x 190cm, and is commonly used in European bedding systems or for taller individuals who require extra length.

European Double Mattress

Similar to a UK double mattress but with slightly different dimensions (140cm x 200cm instead of 135cm x 190cm), commonly used with European bed frames or for couples who prefer a different size.

Small King Mattress

Small King mattress name usually refers to a standard UK king size mattress, while larger king size mattresses in the UK are called euro king size or super king size.

California King Mattress

Longer than a standard super king size mattress (183cm x 213cm), it is suitable for taller individuals or couples who prefer more length without any extra width.

Eastern King Mattress

Eastern King is a standard US king size mattress. It usually measures 193cm x 203cm, which makes it almost as large as UK emperor bed, and offers ample space for couples who desire maximum sleeping space.

mattress size guide ukmattress size guide uk

How to choose the right mattress size?

Measure your space

Begin by measuring the dimensions of your bedroom to gauge how much space is available for a mattress. Additionally, take measurements of your doorway, stairway, and corners to ensure smooth transportation of the mattress into your room.

Consider your size

Ensure that the mattress is at least 15cm larger than your actual size. This allows for comfortable stretching out on the mattress without feeling cramped.

Think who will use it

For individual use, a single or a small double size mattress may suffice, while couples may prefer the additional space offered by a king size for undisturbed sleep.

Evaluate sleeping habits

Take into account sleeping habits, such as frequent movement during sleep, which may require a larger mattress to minimize disturbances. Also, consider preferred sleeping positions for optimal comfort.


Bear in mind that larger mattresses often come with a higher price tag, so factor in your budget when making a size selection.

Mattress Sizes FAQs 

How to measure a mattress?

To measure a mattress, use a tape measure to determine the length, width, and height of the mattress. Measure from the top to the bottom for the height, from side to side for the width, and from head to foot for the length.

Which is the biggest bed size?

The Emperor bed size is the largest standard bed size, measuring approximately 200cm x 200cm (6'6'' x 6'6'').

Is a queen bed bigger than a king?

No, a king bed is larger than a queen bed. A king bed typically measures around 150cm x 200cm (5'0'' x 6'6''), while a queen bed (also called a “small double”) is usually around 120cm x 190cm (4’0’’x 6’3’’).

Is a queen bed bigger than a double?

A queen bed, according to UK standards, is smaller in dimensions compared to a double bed. While double beds typically measure around 135cm x 190cm (4'6'' x 6'3''), queen beds are usually the same length but narrower, with dimensions averaging around 120cm x 190cm (4’0’’x 6’3’’).

What is bigger than a king-size bed?

An Emperor bed is bigger than a king-size bed, measuring approximately 200cm x 200cm (6'6'' x 6'6'') against 150cm x 200cm (5'0’’x6'6'').

Is a double bed enough for two?

A double bed (135cm x 190cm) may be sufficient for two people, but it depends on their sleeping preferences and comfort needs. Some couples may find a double bed too small and prefer a larger size for more space.

Are small single beds suitable for adults?

Small single beds may be suitable for adults in certain situations, such as in guest rooms or for individuals with limited space. However, taller adults or those who prefer more room to stretch out may find a larger bed size more comfortable.

mattress sizes in inches, cm, metersmattress sizes in inches, cm, meters

Mattress size chart

mattress size chart UKmattress size chart UK

In conclusion, choosing the right bed and mattress size is essential for comfortable and restful sleep. By understanding the dimensions and suitability of each option, you can select the perfect mattress size to fit your needs and preferences. Whether you’re furnishing a small bedroom, accommodating guests, or upgrading to a larger bed for extra space and luxury, the right mattress size ensures a good night's sleep and overall well-being.

Metric and Imperial sizes are not equivalents

There can be a tolerance of +/- 2cm (+/- 0.8ins) with all quoted measurements

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