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Dunlopillo Orchid Mattress

4 Reviews
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a Dunlopillo Latex mattress?
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Enjoy a 60 Nights sleep trial on this mattress

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Product Specification

All things to all people! 5* Hotel firmness.
  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Firm
  • Super Soft
  • Soft
  • Medium Soft
  • Medium
  • Medium Firm
  • Firm
  • Extra Firm

Key Features

  • Orthopaedic Support.
  • Natural Latex.
  • 7-Zone Support.
  • Temperature Regulating.
  • No-Turn Mattress.
  • Progressive Comfort & Support.
  • Fully Breathable.
  • Anti-dust mite.
  • Very Durable.
  • Silent Mattress.
  • 8-year Guarantee.
  • Depth: 24cm.
  • 2-Man Delivery!

Key Information

More Information
Sleep Trial60 Nights
Spring TypeNo Springs
Guarantee8 Years
Max Slat Gap7cm apart
Free Delivery?Yes (not offshore)
Add Disposal?Yes in checkout
Mattress Depth20-25cm

Product Description

The Dunlopillo Orchid has won the "Which? Magazine Best Buy Award"!

The Dunlopillo Orchid mattress is a long standing name within the Dunlopillo Collection. The Orchid is a deep, firm feeling mattress that boasts both comfort and firmer feeling support. The solid Dunlopillo latex used in this mattress is poured in at a high density (latex to air) and therefore is firmer.

At 24cm deep, the Orchid is among the deepest of the current generation of Latex mattresses from Dunlopillo. This is the firmest of the mattresses at the top of the range, and is designed for those who prefer a firmer feel without compromising on comfort.

Thanks to the firmer, higher density of the Orchid's Latex, this mattress will effortlessly support the body, and do so instantly and without requiring heat (as some Memory Foam mattresses do). As this is a firmer feeling mattress, the support on offer is more than other mattresses, so the body will not sink in, which can cause pressure points from forming, which in turn result in aches and pains in the morning. The Dunlopillo Orchid's prevention of this is the sign of a true orthopaedic mattress.

This is a 7 Zoned mattress. There are 7 separate 'zones' of firmness within the latex, meaning those areas of the body requiring more support will get it, and those areas requiring a softer, gentler level of support will also be catered for.

Dunlopillo have finished the Orchid to the same very high, exacting standards that you would expect of a World famous brand. The latex used by Dunlopillo follows the same formula as the original mattresses formed in the Dunlop building in Birmingham in 1929. The result of this tradition is a tried and tested, hugely popular range of latex mattresses that have a reputation for comfort and support without any compromise. A Dunlopillo customer will remain a Dunlopillo customer for life.

This Dunlopillo Orchid mattress has a smooth, quilted surface to add a final flourish of luxury to an already wonderful mattress. The Orchid boasts a smart material on the surface that aids the heat and moisture management of this mattress, as well as being very comfortable and durable. Not only is this cover fabric cool and dry at all times, the cover fabric is infused with Actipro technology, preventing odours and allergens, ensuring the mattress remains fresh and comfortable throughout it's long life.

This is a no turn mattress, only requiring rotation once per Season (although we recommend this is done more often in the first few weeks after delivery). The Dunlopillo Orchid bed is covered by an 8 Year Guarantee. We deliver this item for FREE with our 2-man delivery crews. The Dunlopillo Mattress Cover is made of 65% Polyester and 35% Viscose.



Read Dunlopillo Orchid Mattress Reviews.
4 Reviews

  1. Miles Says:
    Very good mattress for side sleepers
    I have struggled to find a good mattress for a long time now, and have recently sent back a [NAME REMOVED] bed in a box. This mattress has been excellent in the short time Ive had it and I recommend for all side sleepers!
    Verified Buyer
  2. Lindsay Hallam Says:
    Very comfortable
    This is a VERY comfortable mattress. We've just returned our [name removed] bed in a box and it was awful. This mattress is very comfortable and very supportive. Also - completely natural!
    Verified Buyer
  3. Thomas Says:
    Uncomfortable and short
    We have used Dunlopillo mattresses all our married lives and have recently purchased our fourth version. We chose the orchid mattress as it is advertised as firm 7. It is a most uncomfortable mattress, the worst version we have had. Instead of support, we sink into it.
    Verified Buyer
  4. Noel Says:
    So comfortable
    Such a comfortable mattress, it really has changed how well I sleep.
    Verified Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions -
5 Answers

What are the benefits of a Dunlopillo Latex mattress?

Dunlopillo latex is a natural latex that offers excellent support and comfort at all times, and does so instantly. It has no moving parts (unlike springs) and so it is very durable. Also, unlike memory foam, it does not require heat to soften, and so will remain cool and comfortable at all times.

Are Dunlopillo mattresses rolled up on delivery?

No, the Dunlopillo Orchid mattress is not a rolled mattress. It is delivered flat and in a box.

How long should the Dunlopillo Orchid mattress last?

The Dunlopillo Orchid mattress has an 8-year guarantee but we would expect it to last a lot longer than this.

Is this the firmest/hardest latex mattress you sell?

We would state that the Dunlopillo Orchid mattress is not the firmest, we feel that the Dunlopillo Firmrest mattress is the firmest that Dunlopillo offer, as it has a higher density of latex.

Is it possible to choose medium instead of firm in this product?

Absolutely, the Dunlopillo Orchid mattress is only available in one option, which we describe as medium.
Still looking a answer to your questions?

Delivery Information

Choose your delivery date at Checkout!

We deliver on the day of your choice.
Recycling of your old mattress can be chosen at the checkout.

Mattresses & Beds

- 2-3hr time window the day prior to delivery.
- Live tracking & 30mins notice.
- Delivery to the room of choice, unpack option can be chosen in checkout.

Pillows & rolled mattresses

- 1hr delivery slot.
- Delivery to the door.

Free £120 POA

8 Year Guarantee

This item is completely covered for the 8-Years.
Any faults reported in the Guarantee period will result in a replacement for you at no cost whatsoever, pending confirmation of the fault by the manufacturer.

At MyNextMattress, we also go a step further and will offer you the choice of any item on our website, not just a like for like replacement from the same manufacturer. We will also exchange the goods for you at no charge (some offshore delivery costs may apply).

Think you have a fault or defect with your item? Please get in touch and we will respond straight away with the next steps.

My Next Mattress Guarantees

8 Year Guarantee

This item is completely covered for the 8-Years.
Any faults reported in the Guarantee period will result in a replacement for you at no cost whatsoever, pending confirmation of the fault by the manufacturer.

At MyNextMattress, we also go a step further and will offer you the choice of any item on our website, not just a like for like replacement from the same manufacturer. We will also exchange the goods for you at no charge (some offshore delivery costs may apply).

Think you have a fault or defect with your item? Please get in touch and we will respond straight away with the next steps.


  • Breathability

    Mattresses need to breathe. With the amount of fillings and areas of space within a mattress, they can quickly hold heat and moisture. Over time this can influence the way a mattress behaves and also effect the life span of a mattress. 

    Manufacturers have developed different ways of tackling the problem of Breathability in mattresses. Some brands have used vents to allow air to pass through the mattress. Some brands use state-of-the-art materials to cover the mattress, such as Coolmax or Outlast. Memory Foam has a reputation of storing heat and moisture, as foam requires heat to soften up.Memory Foam brands have overcome this problem by applying Coolmax and Outlast, they also use Open Cell technology. This technique is to simply allow the foam to settle with larger spaces between the foam cells. This allows heat and moisture to move freely without getting trapped.

    Some mattresses are created in such a way that they do not require any additional Breathability methods. These mattresses are generally the entry level mattresses with Open Coil spring units and not a great deal of fillings.

  • Delivery

    Our deliveries are carried out by a small courier outfit called BJS Distribution. We use this company for all Double and Kingsize mattresses and Divan Beds. This service will see all goods taken to room of choice and unpacked, all packaging can be taken away for recycling (upon request). We use NIghtfreight for our smaller products (pillows and headboards etc). Delivery to the room of choice is free!

    We operate a next day delivery service on all our stocked items. If you order before 13:00, you can receive you new mattress, bed, pillow or headboard the following day. Delivery is free!

    Our couriers will speak with you to arrange a delivery timeslot, and also offer an hours notice within this timeframe. With smaller items, on Nightfreight's service, we offer 30mins notice ahead of arrival.

  • Firmness

    MyNextMattress is developing a new and unique solution to the Firmness scale accuracy. Not seen anywhere else in the World, we will be measuring the Firmness of all our mattresses precisely and in detail.

    We are the only company in the Country that will actually measure the Firmness of a mattress and give a grading out of 10. We are always aware that choosing your next mattress can be a difficult and time consuming process, therefore we strive to give as much information as possible on every mattress we sell.

    The way our system works is by applying weight to a mattress. We will apply weight gradually and measure the amount the mattress dips. The more weight, the more the mattress will 'sink'. We would then measure the distance the mattress dips and plot these measurements (weight and distance) on a graph. This graph can then be used to tell us the Firmness category the mattress fits into, 7 out of 10 for instance.

    Our Firmness Device provides a central rod which we apply weights to, on the bottom end there is a disc which pushes into the mattress. The top of this rod supports the weights and will sink according to the 'give' in a mattress. We measure from this point.

    As a result of this unique technique, it will be possible for you to shop by the firmness of a mattress, this is not possible anywhere else.

  • Hypoallergenic

    Put simply, Hypoallergenic materials do not cause the amount of irritation that non-hypoallergenic materials can. Hypoallergenic materials can still cause irritation in some cases, the chances of this are reduced greatly. People with severe allergies and asthma may still have problems with items called hypoallergenic, but the risk is greatly reduced.

    Hypoallergenic materials do not omit the same particles and fibres as other non-hypoallergenic materials. These particles are to blame for causing irritation and discomfort and in some cases the irritation can be dangerous. The Hypoallergenic properties of these materials can be created by number of techniques. Some materials (Memory Foam or Latex) are naturally hypoallergenic, others have been chemically treated.

  • Latex

    Latex is the ultimate in luxurious natural materials (but can be synthetic in other markets). Latex is actually found in more than 10% of flowering plants around the world. About 20,000 species from more than 40 families. The Latex used in the bedding industry is taken from sustainable sources. Latex is perfect for mattresses because it is soft, hypoallergenic, natural and moulds to the shape of the body. 

    Latex used in bedding also tends to be treated in such a way that it can be used by people who have Latex allergies! The technique used is to super heat the Latex unit, freeze it, super heat it and freeze it again. Once this process is complete, the harmful chemicals released can be chemically washed off, leaving it suitable for everyone. Latex is the material Memory Foam has tried to copy. Memory foam  requires heat to mould to the shape of your body and can therefore become too warm for some. Latex does not require heat and is soft at any temperature. As a natural material which requires time and various processes to be extracted, Latex can be more expensive that its rival materials, but the comfort levels achieved are well worth it.

  • Pressure Points

    Pressure Points are created in the body when lying on a mattress which is not suitable for a persons physique. The Pressure Points are caused by putting stresses through the body. When the spine is not aligned correctly (i.e, straight), it can cause pressure to build up in the back, hips or shoulders (etc).

    When a bed is too soft, the body sinks in, causing certain areas to be under the strain of the rest of the body. When a mattress is too hard/firm, then the weight applied can cause the body to flex/bend in the opposite way - causing a similar problem. Hips, shoulders and so on, are requried to be sunken into the mattress slightly more than the surrounding areas, as they carry the weight. When this is not the case, the lower back may be bent to compensate. The ideal mattress is one which will keep the spine straight.

  • Turn / No Turn

    Some mattresses require turning over, to aid even settlement. Others do not require turning, but will still require rotating.

  • Warranty

    Every mattress we sell comes with at least a 12 month manufacturers guarantee, though most come with much longer guarantees. To find out what mattress warranty is included with your purchase, look out for the rosette on the top right corner of the mattress page. All new goods are sold with a minimum 12-month manufacturers guarantee. Full details are available on request. In addition to the manufacturers guarantee MyNextMattress offers a limited extended mattress warranty. This warranty varies in length item by item. You must keep all your purchase records as they will be needed in the event of a claim. The warranty is applied as follows:

    • The mattress warranty is against faults in manufacture, not wear and tear or damage.
    • The mattress must always be used with a mattress protector, turned and cleaned as per the manufacturers instructions and must be unsoiled at the time that the claim is lodged.
    • The claim must be registered with MyNextMattress by email or in writing. All details of the claim must be lodged with MyNextMattress by email or in writing.

    If the claim is accepted the following process will apply:

    • We will arrange to collect the goods and return them to us for inspection.
    • The carrier reserves the right to refuse to collect items that are not packaged suitably or which is unhygienic.
    • We may require pre payment for the costs of the collection in some circumstances.
    • If we validate the claim we will contact you to arrange the replacement goods to be dispatched to you and delivered to you on a date that is convenient for you.
    • The replacement item can be any item from our then current range.
    • The difference in price from the warranty covered item is payable by you, along with the cost of collecting the original item.

    There will be an allowance granted against the replacement item according to the following scale.

    • If the claim is validated within the first two years - 40% of the original price will be credited.
    • If the claim is validated in year three of the purchase -25% of the original price will be credited.
    • If the claim is validated in year four of the purchase - 15% of the original price will be credited.
    • If the claim is validated in year five or (if warranty is for longer than five years then any subsequent year up to the warranty period) -10% of the original price will be credited.

    The warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser and is only valid if approved by MyNextMattress. It should be considered as extra peace of mind in case of manufacturing defects that arise after the manufacturers mattress guarantee has expired. It should not be regarded as a guarantee that any item will last for any particular period of time, or as a guarantee against deterioration in performance. It is in addition to your statutory rights. There is no entitlement to a cash payment in lieu of the replacement. The replacement item must be at the same or higher price than the original.

Price Match Promise

If you find a better price, we will beat it by £5.

In the unlikely event that you find a price better than ours, worry not - we'll beat it!
This promise extends from pre-ordering right up to the day of delivery!

We watch our competitors prices and pride ourselves on being the most competitive online. Therefore, if you don't have the time to hunt around for the best price, order with us and we'll honour our price match promise until you have taken delivery of your order. This leaves you safe in the knowledge that you will take delivery as fast as possible, for the lowest price possible!

Also, we do genuinely like to know if our prices are being beaten, so please let us know!

Rated Excellent - MyNextMattress

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